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'Water in the Anthropocene: Challenges for Science and Governance. Indicators, Thresholds and Uncertainties of the Global Water System'

to be held at Maritim Hotel Bonn, Germany on 21-24 May 2013.

The conference is organized by the Global Water System Project and its International Project Office based in Bonn, Germany. It is kindly supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the German Research Foundation (DFG).

The focus of the conference is to address the global dimensions of water system changes due to anthropogenic as well as natural influences.

The conference will provide the platform to present global and regional perspectives of world wide experiences on the responses of water management to global change in order to address issues such as variability in supply, increasing demands for water, environmental flows, and land use change. It will help to build links between science and policy and practice in the area of water resources management and governance, related institutional and technological innovations and identify in which ways research can assist policy and practice in the field of sustainable freshwater management.

Participants from all continents and dealing with various water-related problems are expected to attend this conference.



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+++ Sign the Bonn Water Declaration on Global Water Security ONLINE now +++

The Bonn Declaration on Global Water Security

The water community assembled in Bonn for the Global Water System Project Conference Water in the Anthropocene to make a set of core recommendations to institutions and individuals focused on science, governance, management and decision-making relevant to water resources on Earth.

The declaration was issued by the Lord Mayor of Bonn during the closing ceremony of the conference and was signed by the participants.

Read and sign the declaration here!

Water in the Anthropocene Video Launch

The video"Water in the Anthropocene", launched at the Opening Plenary of the GWSP Conference in Bonn, depicts the massive influence of humankind on the global water system of our Planet Earth


For more info please click here.

Media Coverage

Springer Book on Water in the Anthropocene

Springer edited Volume on "The Global Water Sytem in the Anthropocene. Challenges for Science and Governance" to be published in July 2014. Read more here!

Conference Programme

An updated version of the interactive conference programme
can be downloaded here!

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